17 Brilliant Ways to Style Your Own Vegetable Garden

17 Brilliant Ways to Style Your Own Vegetable Garden

Growing your own vegetable garden in your backyard is a satisfying way of growing your own produce. Making the most of the space you have available is key to maximizing the abundance of what you grow.

Whether you live in the countryside, in the city, or in the suburbs; you can enjoy homegrown vegetables.

In this post, we present you 17 fantastic ways to style your own vegetable garden that is brimming with homegrown goodness.

1. Hanging Gutter Garden

DIY Hanging Gutter Garden

Save money and take advantage of the vertical spaces you have around your home by growing a stylish gutter garden. See the full tutorial here.

2. Six Raised Beds in a Small Space

6 raised bed garden for small spaces
source: marksvegplot

Each one measures 1m x 2.4m. These raised-bed gardens are perfect for small spaces.

3. The Magnificent “Potager” Garden

How To Grow a "Potager" Garden

Use 2×12 for the square boxes and 2×10 for the long rectangular boxes. Also, metal troughs are used as containers for the vegetable garden. See here for the full tutorial.

4. Raised Beds with Permanent Trellising for Climbers

raised bed garden with permanent trellising
source: seattleurbanfarmco

The built-in trellis panel is an effective way to lend support to vining vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peas and beans, melons and more.

5. The Amazing Spiral Herb Garden

Amazing Spiral Herb Garden
source: reycledawblog

These spiral-styled gardens work best for those with limited space. Click here to see more amazing examples.

6. Galvanized Trough Turned Into a Herb Garden

Galvanized trough turned into a herb garden
source: cynthiaweber

A fun way to design a casual herb garden is by using galvanized troughs as planters. This idea is especially beneficial for those with back problems. You just need a stool to sit on while doing your gardening.

7. Tunnel Garden Trellis

Tunnel Garden Trellis for Climbers
source: wahsegavalleyfarm

Look how well the bean plants cover the frame. Build a bean tunnel for your climbing beans (via wahsegavalleyfarm).

8. Use Repurposed Cobblestones to Build a Series of Raised Garden Beds

Repurposed coblestones to build raised garden beds

Add water to a galvanized trough and place in the center of the garden for easy watering. The gravel paths make for easy maintenance and access to the beds.

9. Build Teepees to Yield the Best Harvesting and Make Maintenance Easier

Build Bean Teepee structures for best harvesting
source: lillibutton2

Use about 6 bamboo poles that are at-least 7 feet tall and tie them at the top. Scarlet red runner beans are perfect for these teepee structures.

10. Stunning Raised Flagstone Garden Beds

DIY Flagstone Raised Garden Beds

You will need at least 2-3 pallet loads of flagstones to build this wonderful raised bed garden. For the full tutorial visit

11. Build a Decent Sized Fenced-In Garden

DIY Fenced-In Garden

You will never have to worry about animal or pet disturbance with this fenced-in vegetable garden. This 576-square-foot plot can easily produce veggies for a family of four.

12. Vertical Wire for a Garden Trellis

Build Your Own Vertical Wire Garden Trellis
source: dreaminggardens

The vertical wire is a great option for those who love vertical trellis growing in a small backyard.

13. Build Your Own Brick Garden Pathways

Build Your Own Brick Garden Pathways

No more weeding headaches after building this brick pathway. Bricks come in all different colors and sizes; try experimenting with various kinds to suit your own style.

14. Lay Some Concrete Bricks to Form a Garden Bed

Lay Some Concrete Bricks to Form a Garden Bed
source: vintagekidsmodernworld

This is a very simple and effective way to organize a vegetable garden.

15. Amazing Staircase Pallet Planter Garden

Amazing Staircase Pallet Planter Garden
source: palletwoodprojects

Have spare wooden pallets lying around the house? Get creative and build a staircase-style planter. This will surely impress your family and friends when they visit.

16. Inspiring DIY Pallet Planter

Brilliant Wooden Pallet Vegetable Garden


17. Modern-Style Vertical Vegetable Garden

Modern Style, Space-Saving Vertical Vegetable Garden
source: manmadediy

This modern-style garden project will work in any given space. The best part is, it’s very easy to make. To get the full tutorial, visit here.